The Emmanuel Orphanage Home has a vision of working with our partners and stakeholders to achieve the following objectives in our mandate.

Land for Orphanage Programmes

With your support we intend to buy a ten (10) acre piece of land to do the following activities:

Build a school for the orphans to offer them early childhood development and primary education system Engage the orphans in a vocational training program for computer literacy, carpentry, tailoring & welding courses. Keep dairy cattle and do poultry farming to supplement food supply and others needs of the orphans. The surplus will be sold to create a source of income for sustaining the orphanage.

Grow crops (cereals and vegetables) to supplement food supply for the orphanage. The surplus will be sold to make the orphanage self-sustainable.

Feeding Program for Street Children

This is a monthly event done by the home once whenever funds are available, to reach out to other orphans in the streets and give them food while sharing God’s word with them. It also doubles up as an opportunity for the home to identify those orphans whom it can assist.

Complete Construction of Orphanage Home

We need financial support from well-wishers to complete the ongoing building project on our half acre piece of land on the outskirts of Nakuru town.

In the meantime, we have been paying house rent for the Orphans as we do not have a permanent place of our own. We need support for this too.

The exterior of the one storey building is complete, we need help in finishing the interior.

School Bus for Orphanage Home

The orphanage home needs a school bus for the transportation of the orphans to and from schools in the local area from the rented orphanage home.
The bus will also be used in carrying supplies for the home.

Furniture for Orphanage Home

We need the following kinds of furniture:

Bunk Beds Couches / Sofa Sets Office Tables Office Chairs Dining Tables Dining Chairs Mattresses Bed Sheets and Blankets