About the Emmanuel Orphanage Home

The Emmanuel Orphanage Home is a place of refuge for many orphaned children within the region. The orphans are between the ages of 6 to 18 years. Most of them from the streets in urban centers and some from surrounding slam areas, especially from grandparents who are not in a position to assist them in any way.

At the moment, the home has 21 orphans staying at the rented apartment, where 10 are boys and 11 are girls. The home intends to be a blessing to about 100 orphans in the future.

The Emmanuel Orphanage Home plan in the near future is to acquire a 10-acre piece of land to put up buildings to house the ECD (early childhood development) and primary schools and other facilities for offering vocational training program courses. Other activities envisaged in the plan include doing crop farming (cereals), cattle and poultry farming at the facility to engage in income generating activities for sustainability.

So far the Home has been able to buy a half-acre piece of land with financial support from well-wishers where we have put the foundation for a 1-storey orphanage home building to cater for 100 orphans. When complete, it will have a dining hall, bathrooms and comfortable sleeping rooms for the orphans and their caretakers.

Our Vision

Nurturing the orphaned children in our society with the love of Jesus Christ to empower the individual for success in life.

Mission Statement

To provide a home where needy orphans are given a family identity, fed, clothed and school for success as independent citizens. More importantly, to nurture this children towards Jesus Christ, the only real answer to their deepest need.